Ashfield/ Grant Thornton

Tomorrow Today. Multiscreen Conference Opener
Client: Ashfield/ Grant Thornton

Welcome to the Future... Tomorrow, Today. We concepted, scripted and delivered this multiscreen conference opener for Grant Thornton.

JBL x Google

A little Help from Google, Just A Touch Away
Client: JBL x Google

We delivered this cinematic piece to help to Google and JBL promote Google Assistant

Mars Agency

Snickers Creamy
Client: Mars Agency

CG that's good enough to eat! No lights melting the chocolate and an asset (CG Model) that is consistant, reusable and versatile.


Performance Wall Film
Client: Nike

Nike 3D print shoes... and in Nike Town London they 3D Printed a wall to put the shoes on! We helped them shout about their achievements with a high paced in-store video.


Irish Lottery Waterslide

We teamed up with our old friends at Work 1 Retouching to deliver this awesome monkey slide for Kevin Griffin and the Irish Lottery.

Nike Town London

Interactive Jordan Wall
Client: Nike Town London

Jordan takes flight in Nike Town London. We collaborated alongside the Nike environmental design team to create a unique and immersive brand experience.

Splash Worldwide

Arylex Herbicides
Client: Splash Worldwide

We grew these images from pre-visualisation, watered them with the highest quality CG and harvested them with our retouching to yield a series of highly detailed and memorable campaign images.

Syneos Health

Heart Harpoon Interactive Video
Client: Syneos Health

We didn't miss a beat in delivering this Award winning interactive video for Syneos Health.


Spaceflight Conference Opener
Client: Confidential

Take a cinematic trip through the solar system, and witness our immersive video for a conference opener. We nurtured this award winning project from original concept through to final delivery.


Royal Atlantis Campaign
Client: Sectorlight

A world class development requires world class creative production. We took this project from planning, through pre-visualisation, on-set supervision, CG modelling, camera matching, lighting, rendering, and finished the images off with outstanding retouch


Fulfilled Refill Packshot
Client: Fulfilled

Pouch Packets are notoriously difficult to shoot, so we helped Fulfilled create a photorealistic CG asset instead.

Saatchi Wellness

Lixiana Hokusai
Client: Saatchi Wellness

A fresh take on Japan’s most famous artist. We created a novell aesthetic to enrich the story of Eisai’s development of Lixiana. From concept designs to final delivery, we worked night and day on this memorable piece.

Jake Green

Beber Mi Sudor GIFs
Client: Jake Green

One for the coffee lovers... We collaborated with talented photographer Jake Green to produce a series of GIFs for the release of his upcoming book ‘BEBER MI SUDOR’.

Jonathan Minster

One Step Too Far Whiskey Cinemagraph
Client: Jonathan Minster

We co-planned, VFX supervised and executed this interesting short and infinite looping GIF for the talented Jonathan Minster.

Cow & Gate

Client: Cow & Gate

Kid’s don’t like vegetables… unless they’re Friends. We shot, developed and animated this mixed media for Cow & Gate.


Client: Confidential

Mesmerising and cute. Coupling. Illustrations by Gulcin Krom.

Nike Paris

House of Innovation 360 Tour
Client: Nike Paris

We helped Nike realise and Test their designs for the mind blowing House of Innovation in Paris.



Be Free, Live Open. We retouched and graded these images for leading Canadian clothing brand Roots, utilising the assets to create cinemagraphs.


Patient Isolation
Client: Confidential

We developed this lovely aesthetic as part of a treatment for Paraxel highlight the isolation caused by rare diseases.

Global Radio

Staff Opener
Client: Global Radio

We delivered this interesting little opener for the Global Staff presentation.


Hook & Loop
Client: Timberland

Get 'em fresh. Hook & Loop. Timberland. We collaborated with photographer Kevin Joseph in creating a series of images and short form motion graphics sting.


Creme Egg
Client: Cadbury

From first idea, through concept art right to final retouch and delivery, we had a delicous journey with Cadbury's Creme Egg.

James Lightbown

Luxury Lifestyle
Client: James Lightbown

We loved turning these beautiful images around for James Lightbwon.

ShortList Magazine

Neon Logo
Client: ShortList Magazine

Every logo looks good in Neon... especially when it's been created by our CG team.


Forever Beta Awards
Client: GetTaxi

We edited and embellished this crazy little video for Forever Beta's Canne's Lions entry.


Virtual Learning Lab
Client: Android


Open Rheum Opener
Client: Lucid

We connected the dots for this colourful conference opener.


Wear OS by Google
Client: Google

We were right on time in delivering this Wear OS animation for Google. Simple and effective, we love delivering animations of all styles.


Seasons Greetings
Client: Merck

We created this lovely seasonal piece for Saatchi Wellness/ Merck.


Pill Product Shot
Client: Beats

Red Pill or Blue Pill? Either way our photorealistic CG Packshot is an amazing digital reality.


Savlon Spray Plaster Packshot
Client: Confidential

No plaster required for this painless production. We loved creating this product accurate photorealistic CG packshot for Savlon.

JD Sports

Premiere League Jersey Range
Client: JD Sports

Jerseys, jerseys, jerseys. Oi, oi, oi. We collaborated with photographer Kevin Joseph and JD Sports to retouch and produce these football tee’s.